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Looking Through a PRISM of Tyranny

Save America

What Happened to Liberty?

Every time someone mentions PRISM, I am reminded of what it means to be American, and how few people even realize that anymore.  Every single thing about PRISM is completely against what the US Constitution was founded on, and the average person is more worried about getting to work on time or making sure their latte has enough sugar in it.

The truth is, when the founding fathers of America decided to separate themselves from the rule of England, it was not done lightly, and there were a great many who were opposed to it.  Even a cursory glance over the Declaration of Independence shows the consideration that went into the document, yet few citizens in America even know what it is today.

Hundreds of years have passed, and as the US Government becomes more brazen in their attacks on personal liberty and freedom, they also become better at hiding their activities.  Unconstitutional behavior has become so commonplace that many people simply expect it.  Police conduct random road checks, and the farther a person goes from a city, the more likely they are to encounter such searches.  Worse, the police conducting them are rarely even aware of the real meanings of the Constitution.  If they were, then they wouldn’t be conducting unconstitutional searches.

In fact, an increasing number of police officers are returning war veterans.  These are skilled war fighters, but they are woefully unequipped to respond to domestic concerns.  The motto of Serve and Protect has become Attack and Interrogate, and every day there are new reports of rights violations across the America.  Little or no reparations are ever made to the victims, and only a fraction of the law officers are ever punished for what are criminal actions.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the government would eventually begin adopting the same behavior, particularly after observing how little attachment the average person has to their rights or freedoms.  The men and women who fought in or clearly remember World War I and World War II are largely gone, leaving only veterans from Korea, Vietnam, and desert era wars.  These are the people who remember that whatever else they may have been fighting for from day to day, the thing they fought most for was freedom, but the US Government doesn’t care about freedom any longer.

PRISM is in every way opposed to the sacrifices these men and women made, and as history has shown time and time again, power corrupts all people, no matter who they are.  Hopefully America will get back on her feet, with the states leading a charge they should long ago have started to reform what has become a morally bankrupt and corrupt government run by tyrants.  They’d do well to start off by looking at the Declaration of Independence and asking themselves what it means, and why it means what it does.

Anything else is just looking through the PRISM of tyranny, and that is no different than what compelled our founding fathers to declare independence from England.  I’m not advocating that, I just want my America back.

Author: Henry Buell
Publisher: Henry Buell LLC

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