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Kerry and Obama KO America

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Written by: Henry Buell
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The Kerry and Obama Knock Out

KO – The Kerry Obama Knockout

Around the world the main headline is Syria.  News services and wires have had it pegged in the top spot for weeks.  If it hasn’t been Syria, then it has been Bashir Al-Assad, US Strikes, or chemical weapons.  In other words, Syria, and the topic hasn’t moved anywhere but up in Bing, Google, and Yahoo.  Everywhere you look, someone has a story or an opinion on the topic, but like pieces of a puzzle, they don’t show the bigger picture.

That picture is a dwindling America, drowning in debt and rapidly losing influence and respect as a world leader.  Like mice chasing crumbs at a feast, the leaders of America and her allies have by and large failed to mind the wolves gathering in the shadows.  China, Iran, and Russia stand united against America, while the once great Allied nations are divided and largely bankrupt.  They squabble over crumbs, while three of their greatest potential adversaries rally in opposition to the reckless and unsustainable policies pushed by the Obama administration.

The reasons for this are many, but the double standard set by the Obama administration’s trampling of the US Constitution sits at the helm.  The administration actively skews statistics to spread fear and distrust, galvanizing the world with talk of terrorism and threats to safety, but rarely providing real information to support their claims.  That isn’t to say that there is no need for citizens to be concerned with terrorism, or that a little fear isn’t healthy.  Rather, it is to point out that this time they have gone too far.  More than a decade of failed US led wars has worn on the world and the American people, leaving them focused on a few rats terrorizing them to the exclusion of wolves moving in for the kill.

There is perhaps no better example of this than Russian President Vladimir Putin’s masterful handling of the Syrian crisis at the expense of American foreign policy.  Russia, with China and Iran in tow, capitalized on the blunders of the Kerry and Obama administration, setting back American foreign policy in the region more than 30 years in as many days.  That is what should be in the news, but it’s not.  Instead America is discussing what would have happened if they had scored in the final minutes of the game.  Kerry and Obama, the knockout team, are patting the winning teams of China, Iran, and Russia on the back and pretending that the resounding defeat Russia handed them was a joint victory.  For America, it was anything but a victory, and both John Kerry and Barrack Obama have betrayed the US in a way no other leaders in history have.

Across Central Asia and the world, there exists a newly established power now, with former KGB agent Vladimir Putin at the helm.  It has nothing to do with Syria, and everything to do with the reassertion of Russian power and influence in the region.  China has publicly voiced their support of Russian policy, and the elected leaders of America strut and bluster a militant position that the entire world currently frowns on.  Meanwhile Iran has won their own victory against America by supporting Russia and Syrian president Bashir Al-Assad.  This further strengthens their position in the already unstable Middle East, and severely weakens any push by the US to increase sanctions on Iran without the approval of Russia.  Worse in terms of regional stability, Israel’s position as a world power is somewhat diminished as a result of the waning American and European influence in the region.  This poses a grave danger due to the Israeli position being no less radical than that of Islamic jihadists, with their planned last line of defense being the Samson Option.  As the name implies, it literally involves bringing the temple down on everyone.

These are disastrous developments for American foreign policy.  The only reason any nation in the Middle East remained allied with America was to stave off the threat of Iran once more becoming the dominant power in the Middle East.  Now, with China quietly supporting the Russian Federation’s diplomatic reassertion of leadership in the region, east and central Asia are united, and at least for the moment in support of Iran.  This has moved Iran a step closer to reestablishing itself as the leader of the Middle East, and that is the real problem.  That is where Kerry and Obama knocked out America with their destruction of US foreign policy in the region.

Syria is just a minor distraction drawing attention away from the divide between Shia and Sunni Muslims.  That divide is one that could potentially ignite a regional conflict unlike anything the world has ever seen.  It centers around a nuclear armed Israel committed to indiscriminately launching strikes against every nation within range of their arsenal, threatened by numerous radical Middle Eastern nations, and Iran’s extremist government at their doorstep.  Russia is very aware of this, and their diplomatic handling of the Syrian crisis has effectively sidelined American interests in the region.  Israel no doubt is also aware of it.

Like a distant tsunami, the ripples of this power shift are still too small to accurately predict, but they are gathering momentum unlike anything the region or world has ever seen.  For the first time in modern history Russia has won the support of the European Union and the world at large over the objections of the United States.  Whatever anyone else may have to say about it, America lost, and Russia won.  Now all Russia, China, and Iran have to do is play nice with the EU and watch America slide into bankruptcy.

Much like a has-been quarterback staring down a career ending losing streak, America is sliding into obscurity.  War in Syria won’t solve that anymore than war in Afghanistan and Iraq did.  The only solution is to replace the establishment with what the founding fathers of America intended, otherwise in another 20 years the police state mentality of America will be accepted, and only those over 60 will remember what it was like to be free.

Author’s Note: You might also be interested in my Op Ed piece at CNN, and my alternate view piece on Examiner.  These are external links, some based on fact, some on opinion, and a bit of sensationalism thrown in to entice readers.

Author: Henry Buell
Publisher: Henry Buell LLC

Image Credits: Egyptian Newspaper Al Wafd
In an article critical of US President Obama, appearing September 04, 2013, Al Wafd criticized America for their continued support of Islamic jihadists in Syria, and accused Obama of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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