Books by Henry Buell, An Author’s Page

Welcome, and thank you for the interest in my books.  At present there are three books I am working to complete, one of which is scheduled to be released late this fall.  The target time is December for the eBook, and February or March for the print version, though it may take a bit longer, as life is like that.  Each book encompasses a different part of life and the world.  They are very different from one another, but all based around true events and experiences.   Some are my stories, and others belong in part to those I witnessed or was a party to the sharing of.  The books are as follows:

A Different Afghanistan

This book centers on the human element of Afghanistan, and what it is actually like to live as an Afghan.  It is not journalistic at all, but rather a twist on the life of a Freemason who inadvertently ended up working intelligence, rescuing kidnapped people, working against odds to right wrongs, and eventually  sleeping on the streets.  It details life and death, and covers a journey from man to little more than wandering dog.  The story isn’t about the individual though.  It is about the truths people hide.  It covers the things they usually only show to stray dogs when no one else is looking.  It covers some of the worst elements of humanity, who will still stop to pet or care for a lost dog, while the very best kick and even attempt to shoot it.  Eventually it all comes crashing back into the modern world with a gun in the face of a hungry child.  It is about a different perspective on the world, and the shift from speculative to the more apathetic theoretical Freemasonry.

Broken Windows

This is a series of short stories about people, and how they react and see things as human beings.  In one case it is a son dealing with elements of his father’s death and Alzheimer’s, and in another it is a family who lost a young mother and wife.  It discusses the impact and loss her absence creates, as told from the perspective of each family member, revealing all of the little ways her death changed and moved them as a family and on an individual level.  There is more, but then where would the fun be in reading the book if you already knew about every story?

Shades of Red

This is a true story about prostitutes, prostitution, and human sexuality.  It deals with the issues we all face in terms of who we are, and why we are that particular who.  Each story depicts the life and motives of a girl.  Some were willing, and others victims of circumstance.  Others were forced into the trade or kidnapped.  Not all of them were rescued or saved, but then not all of them needed or wanted to be.  Their stories were shared in one form or another, making for an emotionally charged book that doesn’t always agree with common perception.

Hopefully you’ll keep up with me, and together we will share some great stories as things unfold.